H - Blueberry Ripple Tulip Bulbs FALL-H
H - Blueberry Ripple Tulip Bulbs


  • Botanical NameTulipa 'Blueberry Ripple'
  • Underground StructureBulb
  • No. of Bulbs8
  • Plant InFall
  • Blooms InMid to late Spring
  • Hardiness Zone3-8
  • TypePerennial
  • Amount of SunFull Sun
  • Height18-20"
  • Spacing4-6"
  • Depth6-8"
  • Deer/Rabbit ResistantNo
  • Bulb Size12/+


Striking with their purple and white variegated petals, Blueberry Tulips add a touch of elegance to any garden. These vibrant tulips are perfect for creating stunning spring displays. Their long-lasting blooms make them ideal for flower arrangements and adding a pop of color to your landscape.