We’ll donate 50% of the profits from your order to the cause you select.

Extremely Profitable Fundraising

Extremely Profitable Fundraising

Earn 50% Profits!

With our Spring and Fall fundraising programs you’ll earn 50% profit selling affordable, environmentally friendly fundraising flower bulbs and plants.

Start Fundraising

Starting a Fundraiser is FREE! Download our PDF Fundraising Info Sheet.

Seasonal Fundraising Programs

Are you looking for unique school fundraising ideas? Tired of candy and sandwiches? Want an environmentally friendly option? Look no further! Over the past 60+ years our no-risk flower bulb fundraising products have proven successful for a wide variety of groups.

To name but a few: Schools, Garden Clubs, Cheerleaders, Sports Teams, Churches, Boy Scouts, School Bands... plus many more including individuals!

Spring Fundraiser

Sell January - May

18 popular summer-blooming flower bulbs and bare-root plants.

Spring order deadline is the Monday prior to Memorial Day.
Orders ship beginning March 15th, April 1st, or April 15th depending on location.
Shipping Policy


Fall Fundraiser

Sell June - November

17 popular spring-blooming flower varieties and 1 value package.

Fall order deadline is the Tuesday after Thanksgiving.
Orders ship beginning September 15th.
Shipping Policy


Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any costs to begin a fundraiser?

There are NO costs to begin your fundraiser with DMB.

Are the online orders shipped directly to the supporters?

Yes, all orders are shipped directly to the address entered by your supporter when the order is placed.

How long can I run the fundraiser?

Fundraising with Dutch Mill Bulbs is quite flexible and you can choose your own dates to fundraise within our seasons.

For more information see additional Fundraising FAQs, or feel free to Contact Us.

Read More FAQs

Three Fundraising Options


Brochure Fundraiser

How It Works

Hand out our free colorful brochures to each group member for traditional, face-to-face selling.

Each brochure opens to view all 18 options, plus has an order form on the back that is perforated so it can be easily removed to give to the leader to calculate.

The Fundraiser Dashboard offers a tool, the Tally Template (excel spreadsheet) that assists with calculating the orders to reach the total number of items to order and the total amounts due.

The collective brochure order should be placed in the Fundraiser Dashboard (at 50%) so you can keep your profit right away. Please be certain ALL of your orders are submitted before you end your fundraiser.

All of the items on the order will be shipped to the address on that order.

Orders with 35 or more ITEMS will receive FREE SHIPPING.

For every 100 items submitted PER ORDER, you will receive one FREE ITEM at our discretion.


Online Fundraiser

How It Works

Every group receives a free, customized URL when they are approved to fundraise with Dutch Mill Bulbs. By sharing the referral URL (found under the group name in the Fundraiser Dashboard) supporters can go directly to the website and make a purchase. ** You can request a FREE QR code if you would like one for your group.

These direct orders will be paid in full by your supporter, shipped to the address entered when the order is placed, and 50% of the sale price will be sent at the conclusion of your fundraiser. When the order is shipped from our facility, an email with the tracking information is generated and sent to the purchaser so they can track and plan for the package to arrive.

Online Sales can be monitored within the Fundraiser Dashboard. When you set up your fundraiser, you have the option of making the salesperson referral box a requirement at checkout for each order placed or not. If you choose YES, your supporters will be required to enter the name of their salesperson before they checkout and this information is available on the Online Sales Report.

At the conclusion of your fundraiser, you will receive a profit check for 50% of your online sales.


Combo Fundraiser

How It Works

This hybrid model of fundraising offers the best of both styles, the majority of our fundraising groups choose to utilize the combination and is highly recommended for all groups!

Brochure selling saves shipping fees for local supporters and instills the sense of community.

Online selling incorporates out-of-town supporters so nobody is left out, but is also a great option to send our flower bulbs as gifts since we ship them to all 48 states.

Combining the two selling methods is a great way to maximize the profit for your fundraiser.

Guaranteed Profits

Whether you choose the brochure fundraiser, online fundraiser or both, you will earn 50% profit on every sale! You can monitor your online sales within the Fundraiser Dashboard at any time throughout your fundraiser. Brochure orders placed within the Dashboard will receive 50% discount so you keep your profit right away and online sales profits are mailed by check at the conclusion of your fundraiser. *Profit checks are mailed only if there is no outstanding balance.

Guaranteed Quality

The bulbs you receive will grow and produce healthy flowers as beautiful as the pictures in our brochure and on our website! Please see our grow guarantee if any of your bulbs failed to grow and bloom within one season.

Guaranteed Service

We ship your order within two weeks of receiving it, or from the shipping date for your region. (Spring - March 15th, April 1st or April 15th and Fall – September 15th) This is often much quicker but we ask for two weeks. When orders are shipped, an email with the tracking information is generated and sent to the purchaser so the package can be tracked and the arrival can be expected accordingly.

For leaders who would like to receive a collective brochure order on a particular date, please contact us so we can make every effort to accommodate this request.

Guaranteed Easy

Affordable, eco-friendly flower bulbs are easy to sell. Everyone loves to see pretty flowers!

Time to begin! Rally your members, utilize our colorful brochures that include beautiful images of the flowers, share your customized link on social media or email to supporters near and far, and make posters with your group's QR Code to place at local "high traffic" areas! You are about to launch a very successful fundraiser that will prove to be profitable season after season!


“I wanted to send a note to let you know how much I appreciate the extra attention you gave me when I called about our order not arriving. You handled the problem promptly, efficiently, and courteously. The bulbs and plants look great. Thank you again for your special efforts.”

– Nancy Gearhard, Slickville 4-H Club, Murrysville, PA

“The school bulb sale was very successful. We were very pleased with the results. Our school is small, only 240 students. Of that number only 34 students and their families participated. Yet, we earned over $900.00 for our school gardening program. We anxiously await your brochures …”

– Shelly Goldsby, John Morse 5th Grade Mentoring Program, Sacramento, CA

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