We’ll donate 50% of the profits from your order to the cause you select.

Guaranteed to Grow

Dutch Mill Bulbs provides high-quality products and superior customer service. Our goal is to value our customers by continuing to offer the same premium products and service throughout each fundraising season! If you have any comments or questions regarding the quality of our products upon delivery, we ask that you contact us within 24 hours of receiving the item, according to our shipping dates and tracking records, so we can best address your concerns.

Guaranteed grow policy

During the first growing season, if a customer is not satisfied with a product's performance, we suggest they contact Dutch Mill Bulbs by email at info@dutchmillbulbs.com. We will work with the customer to discover the reason for their dissatisfaction, such as the initial condition of the item, techniques in planting or care, sunlight/moisture/soil conditions, or any other factor that may be cause for the dissatisfaction. A complete investigation may require the customer to submit photographs, unearth and/or returning the product back to our facility. If the lack of satisfaction is determined to be a result of poor quality, a replacement, or substitution of same value, will be issued at that time.

Dutch Mill Bulbs is not responsible for replacing any products which fail to grow as a result of poor care or improper planting techniques. This guarantee is void if items are grown outside of natural growing conditions or recommendations (such as forcing, etc.)

Growing Seasons

  • March to September for spring-planted items
  • September to June for fall-planted items

Replacement Only

Dutch Mill Bulbs offers replacements only. We do not retain 100% of the purchase price for our items since we give 50% profit to our fundraising groups, therefore we cannot offer refunds or accept returns.

Note: We take full responsibility for the gardening success elements within our control. Since we have no control over the weather, soil, critters, sunlight, moisture, and similar regional factors that may impact the growth of plants in your garden, we cannot guarantee that your bulbs and plants will grow under any and all conditions.

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